Sensor Signal Processing for Defence Posters 2015

SSPD 2016 Posters

P01- Velocity Estimation of Moving Ships using C-band SLC SAR Data, Andrea Radius1 , Paulo Marques2 , 1Metasensing, Italy, 2 ISEL-IT Lisboa.

P02- On the Target Detection in OFDM Passive Radar Using MUSIC and Compressive Sensing, Watcharapong Ketpan1 , Seksan Phonsri1 , Rongrong Qian1 and Mathini Sellathurai1 , 1Heriot-Watt University. 

P03 - Radar Imaging With Quantized Measurements Based on Compressed Sensing, Xiao Dong1 and Yunhua Zhang1, 1Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

P04 - Traffic Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Mesh Networks based Defense Networks Incorporating Centralized Sheduling Architecture, Sidharth Shukla1 and Vimal Bhatia1 , 1Indian Institute of Technology Indore.

P05 - Outage Analysis of OFDM based AF Cooperative Systems in Selection Combining Receiver over Nakagami-m fading Channels with Nonlinear Power Amplifier,Nagendra Kumar1 and Vimal Bhatia1 , 1Indian Institute of Technology Indore, India.

P06 - A Novel Self Localization Approach for Sensors, Serap Karagol1, Dogan Yildiz1, Okan Ozgonenel1, Marwan Bikdash2 and Satish Tadiparthi3,1Ondokuz Mayis University, 2North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, 3Prolifics New York.

P07 - Quadrature Filters for Underwater Passive Bearings-Only Target Tracking, Rahul Radhakrishnan1, Abhinoy Kumar Singh1, Shovan Bhaumik1 and Nutan Tomar1, 1Institute of Technology Patna. 

P08 - Fusion of Radar and Secondary Sensor Data Using Kinematic Models of Multiple Simultaneous Targets, Brian Karlsen1, Esben Nielsen1 and Morten Pedersen1, 1Terma A/S Denmark

P09 - Improved High-Degree Cubature Kalman Filter, Abhinoy Kumar Singh1 and Shovan Bhaumik1 , 1Indian Institute of Technology Patna. 

P10 - Shortening of Paraunitary Matrices Obtained by Polynomial Eigenvalue Decomposition Algorithms, Jamie Corr1, Keith Thompson1, Stephan Weiss1, Ian Proudler2 and John G McWhirter3 , 1University of Strathclyde, 2Loughborough University, 3Cardiff University.

P11 - Observing the Dynamics of Waterborne Pathogens for Assessing the Level of Contamination, Isabella McKenna1, Francesco Tonolini1, Rachael Tobin1, Jeremie Houssineau1, Helen Bridle1 , Craig McDougall2, Isabel Schlangen1, John S. McGrath1 and Melanie Jimenez1, Daniel E. Clark1 , 1Heriot Watt, 2University of Dundee.

P12 - Distributed Implementation for Person Re-identification, Saurav Sthapit1 and John Thompson1, James R Hopgood1 and Neil Robertson2, 1University of Edinburgh, 2Heriot-Watt University.

P13 - Extraction of Pulse Repetition Interval Based on Incomplete, Noisy TOA Measurements by the Moving Passive Receiver, Liu Yang1, Fucheng Guo1, Zhang Min1 and Wenli Jiang1, 1National University of Defense Technology China.

P14 - Removing Speckle Noise by Analysis Dictionary Learning, Jing Dong1 , Wenwu Wang1 and Jonathon Chambers2, 1University of Surrey, 2Newcastle University.

P15 -  Link-by-Link Coded Physical Layer Network Coding on Impulsive Noise Channels, Yuanyi Zhao1 , Martin Johnston1, Charalampos C. Tsimenidis1 and Li Chen2, 1Newcastle University, 2Sun Yatsen University.

P16 - A New Asymmetric Correlation Kernel for GNSS Multipath Mitigation, Steven Miller1, Xue Zhang1 and Andreas Spanias1, 1Arizona State University.

P17 - Fractional Cosine Transform (FrCT)-Turbo based OFDM for Underwater Acoustic Communication, Yixin Chen1, Carmine Clemente1, John J Soraghan1 and Stephan Weiss1, 1University of Strathclyde.

P18 Practical Identification of Specific Emitters used in the Automatic Identification System, Takashi Iwamoto1, 1Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.